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Welcome to TRIANGLE Internet Radio in NI

TRIANGLE Internet Radio (supported by ISSA) is your top choice for the best internet radio station discovering new original music composed and recorded by local Irish, UK an International singer/songwriters musicians who don't normally get the opportunity to have their music played on commercial FM or DAB radio. With our music curators working around the clock to provide you with the highest quality stereo sound, you’ll never get bored listening to our station.  Tune in and let our hosts and presenters entertain you with amazing music, fascinating events, and more.


About Triangle Radio
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A non profit community radio station or top DJ Robbie C is all about hosting programmes which promote were possible local and international singer, song writer, musicians who don't get the opportunity to have their music played on commercial radio stations. Also hosting live interviews with those who wish to explain their own background to their music and or rhyme. Already a growing audience worldwide are getting the news that Robbie is here to stay. So help out by passing on the word and tuning in.

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